Let me begin by saying that this feels weird.

It’s basically like I’m talking out loud, having a conversation with myself. Apologies if some of the stuff I’ll be writing will be shite.

So, I’ve decided to keep a blog about my illustrations because I think it would be helpful to begin putting some of my work out there and reflect about it a bit more and how I got here.

All my life I’ve craved doing something creative but for several reasons never really took the chance.

Well, everything has changed now.

If you personally know me, you’ll know that at uni I’ve changed my mind about my future career at least 100 times (not joking), so I can say it took me quite a lot of thought (and in a way guts!) to decide to pursue a career as an illustrator, especially since I had no background in art & design.

It’s been really hard when I first moved to Leeds because I felt like all of my graduates friends were moving on to their graduate jobs or super cool master degrees and being successful while I, well, I dunno… I just was (?). After signing up for a master in events management and almost immediately deciding I love illustration too much to let it go, I dropped out of the master degree, found a part time job and starting giving being an illustrator serious thought.

I’ve signed up to two short courses in illustration around November-December time and there I’ve started experimenting with materials and different styles. These two courses have made a massive difference to me and my work in terms of how to approach the process of creating illustration (I’ve learned about colour palettes, composition and perspective!!). Now, of course I was able to draw before I started going to evening classes (it wasn’t a completely random decision pursuing illustration ahah), however I did not how many possibilities are there for illustrators, especially in terms of materials.

So, here you have three of the many illustrations I produced during these two short evening courses.

IMG_0335Trying to work perspective out – moderate success. I used a fineliner.

IMG_0336This is a Christmas card I made using lino-cut printing, all of my family got flooded with these.

IMG_0334And finally, here are the two complimentary illustrations I did. The inspiration came from a friend’s poem. I’ve used quite a lot of materials here, just because I wanted to leave the comfort zone a bit; we’ve got ink and collage on the second, the first was made with graphite, ink, red acrylic and a fineliner.

I think it’s really cool to see what I produced when I first got here because I think still doesn’t have the confidence that some of my latest work has, and that’s a good thing! I feel like I’m slowly progressing towards having my own style and more confidence, and looking back helps me to see how far I’ve come.

It’s fair to say that my work has developed quite a bit now and that maybe some of these styles are not currently relevant to me, but it’s really interesting to give new things a try.

Hopefully I haven’t bored you to death.




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