Hey Hey


I am a student and free-lance illustrator based in Leeds, UK.

My main interest is fashion illustration and using printmaking to enhance the garments I draw; in particular, I am trying to explore new and exciting ways of using lino-cut, collagraph and monoprinting to give my illustrations a recognisable style (lots of work in progress there!).
I also like to work digitally and experiment with different styles and techniques.


The inspiration for the name ‘Little Black Flower‘ comes from a few different elements: I was looking for a name that would create an idea of cuteness and at the same time have an element of darkness (the way I think my work does), secondly I was trying to make a reference to Chanel’s iconic idea of ‘little black dress’, showing that I tend to specialise in fashion illustration.

When I first started drawing, my main inspiration was derived by manga and has definitely shaped who I am as an artist. However, with time I have slowly moved away from manga, still retaining the oriental element in my drawings.

Thank you ever so much for passing by!

Hope you enjoyed my work 🙂